Services for Defense and Security Clients

Gene Moran of Capitol Integration routinely helps 5 million to 15 billion dollar companies to improve their positions and achieve significant improvements in federal sales outcomes.

His framework of approaching federal sales is straightforward, yet it has produced results for his clients measured in billions of dollars.

Gene uses his proven methodology to approach your government customer, organize your message, position you properly, align you with the mechanisms that fund for your contract, and orchestrate your desired outcome—increased federal sales!
Gene’s relationships throughout government agencies and in Congress are also essential ingredients in your recipe for success.

No two companies need the same thing. Your company and your needs are unique. Gene tailors his approach to suit you.


Federal Government Funding

In the Federal budgeting process, the timing of the approach is everything. Knowing with whom a business principal should connect and when that connection should be made directly affects your success.

Many companies approach federal funding from the tail end of the process; responding to an RFP with a proposal. It’s completely backwards because by the time there is an RFP it’s already too late to get into the game. This method wastes your most valuable, non-renewable resource—your time.

Gene pulls the curtain back and shows you where you need to be and when you need to be there. He’ll guide you through the complex budgeting, authorizing, appropriations, and funding processes that take place long before the RFP can ever be issued.


Policy Change

Laws written with the best of intentions can sometimes be difficult for government agencies to implement. It is not uncommon for implementing policy or agency-level policy to conflict.

The government is big, and often one sector of the government is not aware of what the other is doing, leaving you to figure it out. Sometimes these normal agency policy conflicts directly impact your ability to sell your product or service.

You have the power to do something about it and Gene can help you get it done, creating a win for you and for the government customer.

Avoid wasted investment, lost time, and flat or declining federal business.

Selling to the Federal Government can take years.

This simple tool can keep you on track—and maybe even speed things along.

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