The Shape of the Sale:
How to Avoid Missing Federal Sales Opportunities

The Length of an Entire Federal Sales Process is 2 to 3 Years

Because the federal sales process is long, the sales cycle is long.

Which means, business development and sales teams often lose perspective, get side-tracked, and don’t know the health of the actual sales opportunity on any given day.

The Federal Government is a complex, fast-moving machine. Opportunities to further your business objectives are small and far between. If you miss your opportunity, you could be waiting months or years before you get another chance.

You Need a Way to Quickly Assess the Health of Your
Sales Opportunity

The Sales Wheel is a simple tool to help business development and sales teams communicate their status throughout the process.

You can quickly assess each area and determine which are doing well and which need attention—allowing you to make course corrections so you don’t miss out.

Because if you’re out of the loop, you’re slowing the process down and making it a lot more painful than it needs to be. You could be getting “No” when you should be getting “Yes!”

There are 8 Essential Elements that Contribute to Every Sales Opportunity. Do You Know What They Are? And Are You Missing Any?

The Shape of the Sale is your sanity check to make sure you haven’t missed out on essential elements every vendor must be tracking.

The Shape of the Sale will help you avoid missing your federal sales opportunity.

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Selling to the Federal Government can take years.

This simple tool can keep you on track—and maybe even speed things along.

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